About the Sturgis Historical Museum — At The Depot

Our Mission

To connect people to Sturgis and its history through the faithful sharing of stories, accurate representation of citizens, and the preservation of historical resources.

About The Sturgis Historical Museum at the Depot in Sturgis, Michigan


Jackie Persing, President

Dianne Gorsuch, Vice President

Jackie Menter, Secretary

Bruce Gosling, Treasurer

Board of Directors

Cathi Garn Abbs

Eden Alvey

Katie Hamlin

Mary Haylett

Todd Maynard

Todd Milliman

Betsy Pryser

Kevin Waltke

Friends of the Board

Joan Franks, Museum Gift Shop

Kelly Franks, Exhibits and Design

LeeAnn Franks, Museum Advisor

Heather Mikulenas, Museum Gift Shop

Museum Staff

Rosalie Currier, Museum Director

Would You Like to Learn More?

We’re here to serve the Sturgis Community and beyond. Feel free to give us a call at (269) 503-7440 or visit our contact page for more information.