Sterling Education

Recently I found a lovely piece of Sturgis High School history. It is a beautifully crafted commemorative sterling silver spoon with an engraving of the Sturgis Central High School.

The detailed handle is a Greek column wrapped in ribbon and topped with many familiar academic symbols – a book, a quill, paper, a globe, a song book, the lamp of learning, scrolls and laurels. An owl is perched on top of a mortar board.

Imprinted on the back of the handle is “STERLING” and a maker’s mark so I checked it out. The mark dates this spoon as having being made between 1909 and 1920 by the Watson Silver Company in Attleboro, Massachusetts for Wilcox & Wagner Silver Company in Connecticut.

These spoons were specially made for commemorative events, but both companies made all sorts of silver items for everyday use. Although neither company is in business today, much of their silver is in the collector’s market.

I am not sure who was the recipient of this spoon, but it may have been given as gifts to students upon graduation.

Rachel Boland is a dedicated museum volunteer who loves the mystery of history.