“Jet-Age Pretzel Making Toy”

April’s fun find is the Transogram Pretzel-Jetzel toy. It was released in 1965 with the slogan “The Jet Age Pretzel Making Toy…that bakes with light.”

Transogram created this oven, perhaps hoping to ride the shirt tails of the Easy-Bake Oven success a few years earlier.

Transogram was based in New York but had a manufacturing plant in Sturgis Pennsylvania, Missouri and Canada. Was this toy was made here? Possibly.

The toy, in its original box has a majority of the accessories. The instructions say to add water and butter to dry pretzel mix, put the dough in a squeeze bottle and pipe it into one of the small metal trays.

The trays would go on the conveyor belt and the child could crank them into the oven to bake for seven minutes and let them cool for a few minutes. Two small dowel rods could be used to move the hot tray.

Although Transogram went out of business in 1971, this toy resides alongside other Transogram toys at the museum